On collecting video games

Recently, as my video game collection surpassed eight hundred games, I had to ask myself . . . why? Why do I continue to compile a large library of games, considering that I will likely never complete all the games I currently own within my lifetime? It does not seem to make sense, yet even as I acknowledge this, I continue to search online for deals and bargains. I own numerous systems, including all the current-gen consoles, and at some point, I will likely pick up the consoles I missed in the past (the Jaguar may be the next on my list).

I suppose that I do not want to miss out on any good games, so when I see an opportunity to snatch up some at a decent price, I can’t resist. I could try to argue that video games are my investment, but that would be a lie, plus video games tend to make a lousy investment (unless you were fortunate enough to pick up a title like Panzer Dragoon Saga at a discount price back in the day).

It is almost like an addiction. I’m at 809 games now, according to my list on Gamespot, and I have no doubt that , at some point, I will break the 1000 game barrier.



5 Responses

  1. i totally feel your pain. i’m at 450 or so, and only b/c i restrain myself. haha.

  2. It’s utter insanity. I find myself sometimes surprised that I own a game, as I don’t remember ever buying it.

  3. wow, I do play a a lot of games, but no where near has much has the average gamer. My play style tends to lend it self to playing the game to 100% completion, which means I don’t play most games but instead hear about them from friends.

    I don’t mind that, its good to hear others opinion. I have yet to play Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, and a ton more.

    But I do understand the collection aspect of something. I myself own 3 book shelves filled with transformers, although I haven’t bought anything in a long while due to me not liking the designs of the Michael Bay movie designs.

  4. I’m not necessarily a 100% completion type of person (i.e., I don’t seek out every achievement, trophy, etc.), but I do try to play each game to completion, at least before reviewing it (I believe the only exception so far has been Star Wars: Episode I Racer). I guess I don’t want to miss out on any good gaming experiences, though I will inevitably do so, because I only have so much time.

  5. I remember Star Wars Episode I Racer on the N64. My favorite Star Wars title, and one of my favorite N64 games. I never finished it either, I got close, but it got really tough on the last few circuits.

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