The joy of Craigslist

Recently, I’ve been searching for a cheap Playstation 1. I never owned the system, as I was a poor student during that generation and what free money I had went toward a Nintendo 64. Once I bought my Playstation 2 in 2001, I no longr needed to pick up a PS1, since the PS2 could play PS1 games. However, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve become interested in purchasing a good, used PS1 so that I could try modding the system. I finally found a seller on Craigslist who had two PS1s and was selling them for $10. I thought that $10 was a good price for a system, so I contacted him. When I went to pick them up, I realized that he was selling both systems for $10. I don’t think I could have found PS1s anywhere else for $5 a system. The guy was also selling a N64 with eighteen games, again for $10. Of course, I took everything.

After cleaning everything, I tested the systems and games out. It turns out that one of the PS1s is not working, and the N64 keeps telling me that there is no controller plugged in. I’m going to take both of these apart and see if I can fix them. However, all of the games work flawlessly, and only six were duplicates of games I already owned.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is why I love Craigslist. It’s often a much, much cheaper way of picking up gaming stuff than relying on eBay, etc.

Anyway, I’ll report back on the PS1 modding once I get into it. I’m a novice when it comes to soldering, etc., so we’ll see if I can manage to do it without destroying my newly acquired system.


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