Gaming forums

When I’m in a gaming mood, I often look at several game forums for gaming news and discussion. Sometimes, I find out about games, etc., that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and sometimes, I find people discussing game-related issues that are of interest to me.

And then, sometimes, I find people who just seem to want to argue or who take this all perhaps a bit too seriously.

Today, I was reading the Sega-16 Genesis Does! forum, and I came across a post in which someone asked about the best beat ’em ups for the Genesis. Since this is one of my favorite genres, I decided to read through the thread. While doing so, I noticed that many people mentioned games like Golden Axe and TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist. At the end of the thread, a poster gave his list, and he stated that he was including some hack ‘n’ slash games. I decided to post after him, stating that I was surprised that so many people included what I consider to be hack ‘n’ slash games as beat ’em ups. Along with this, I stated some features that, to me, differentiates the two.

The next three posts in the thread attempt to call me out as being wrong. The post immediately following mine attempts to use the features I posted for beat ’em ups to show that these features are in hack ‘n’ slash games. To do so, however, the poster changes some of my wording. Really? How does anyone try to get away with that, considering that the original text is immediately above in the previous post?

I’m not certain why, but this really annoyed me tonight. Maybe I’m getting old, and I’m not quite as interested in arguing over points that have no real importance as I did 10+ years ago. Maybe it’s the fact that someone tried to change my wording in order to make his point. Maybe it’s because I’ve wasted time both responding on that forum and then composing this blog post šŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m going to be doing a bit more posting here soon. Yesterday and today, I’ve been working on modding my SNES. I am performing a region mod and a mod to switch between 50-60 Hz internally, and I’m changing the exterior of the system to make it Zelda themed, which includes a custom paint job and an illuminated Tri-Force. Should be pretty cool, if everything functions once I’m done.


4 Responses

  1. wow, your like a regular Macgyver with the tech stuff. Me..I’m surprised stuff doesn’t blow up with me just looking at it funny.

    Forums?!…are a finicky thing. I find its best to find a group of people that you regular frequent. (the guys at GamerDork are a great group of guys).

    But like you I visit of forums just for help but rarely ever post on them. But your right, things always seem to go a direction your not intended, as example, on forum started with a legit question and ended with who had bigger boobs, wonder woman or some other super heroine.

  2. I have yet to have a blow up, but I did recently have a couple minor disasters that claimed my Game Gear but, fortunately, did not destroy my SNES.

    GamerDork, huh? That sounds about like me.

    Forums are notorious for taking wrong turns. Since none of my RL friends are gamers (believe it or not), I sometimes turn to forums when I have something game related on my mind.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize you had a job in the industry. It’s strange to think that there are people making games who have no interest in playing them. Perhaps it feels too much like work.

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