Pac Attack

Pac-Man’s 31st anniversary is coming up, and here at YAGRS, we’re going to celebrate it. Sure, we could have made a big deal out of anniversary 30, but ol’ Pac had enough going on then, dealing with the loss of his 20s and his squandered youth . . .

So, to make a big deal out of #31, we’re going to review several console ports of Pac-Man and the whole Pac-Man family. You won’t see every console port covered here (as I’m sure many would be missed), but you should see a variety, from the much maligned Atari 2600 port up to the Xbox Live Arcade.

To top it off, the reviews will be compiled in a downloadable PDF, for you to print and share and frame and whatever.

The first review should be up later tonight or tomorrow. Be on the lookout, Pac-Maniacs!

One Response

  1. SWEET!!…seems like something I should be doing seeing as I love pacman enough to name half my blog on it.

    Oh well, no matter, onward to PAcman goodness sir.

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