Odyssey 2 A/V mod

Seems like modding is starting to become an obsession with me. I believe I stated that my next mod would be adding composite outputs to my Sega Genesis, but I’m considering adding S-Video to my Genesis as well, which makes the mod more complicated (I would have to build a board for the S-Video signal). While I contemplate that, I decided to do something a bit easier.

Thanks to this thread at the Videopac/Odyssey2 forum, I was able to successfully add composite outputs to my Odyssey 2. The outputs work; however, there are issues. When plugged into my LCD television, the image is too dark. It appears that others had this problem, and there are recommendations on how to fix it in that thread. I am not sure if my problem results from using the wrong transistor (I am using what I believe to be the Radio Shack version of the NTSC transistor mentioned in that thread), or if I need to add a resistor as recommended later in that thread. As I’ve mentioned before, my knowledge of electronics is almost nonexistent, so I’m lost as how to get this to work on my LCD screen.

Luckily, when I hook up the Odyssey 2 to my DVD/VCR combo, it displays correctly onscreen. I read that VCRs have a built-in signal booster, so I am assuming this is the reason for the difference. Regardless, I can finally play my Odyssey 2 without having to rely on the RF switch and have a much better picture than before.

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  1. hey sir, do you online with the ps3 much? There are a great number of titles, DLC and Disc that are mounds of fun with friends.

  2. I have actually only played a game online once, and that was about 10 years ago. I have all of my current-gen consoles hooked up to my broadband router, but I have yet to play online. I think since my only gamer friend is wrapped up with his wife’s pregnancy, and since I don’t want to deal with a lot of kids using the freedom of being online to be obnoxious, I haven’t gone online with any of my games.

  3. I have Odyssey 2 that I am looking to mod but have seen that it will vary depending on the region. Is yours the US/NTSC version or the Eur/PAL version?

  4. Mine is a US/NTSC. Someday, maybe I will discover what I need to do to get it to display correctly without having to use a VCR. I’m just happy I no longer need to use the original hook-up.

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